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TiMax - Massimiliano Tiraboschi Project Manager Fondatore -

Zxvision - Giulio Valentino - Code Manager -
Cino - Romeo Bandinelli - Support Manager -
Pyksel - Kocet - Sylvain - Design Manager -
Capretta - Gagliani Angelo - Document Manager -
Vamba - Marco Bertolini - Lab & Test -
Frank - Franco Di Lalla - Developer -
Petertemey - Peter Temey - Envolution France -
Gatonero - Christoph Schwaeppe - Envolution Germany -
sjah - Sjahrazad Alamsjah - Designer -
WindMeUp - Stefan Koehler - Developer -
Fabrix - Fabrizio Busca - Beta tester manager -
dprophit - Denver Prophit Jr - English Document Translations
Macscr - Layout designer

MADHATter7 -- Fondatore
Zoom -- Fondatore
saytheb -- Fondatore


........ed altri troppo numerosi per poterli elencare tutti. Se ho dimenticato qualcuno prego contattatemi per poter correggere i crediti
-- TiMax


Il codice di Envolution è basato su una fork di PostNuke versione .714. I crediti per il loro lavoro sono fatti e riconosciuti dove dovuto.


Please read the PHP-Nuke Credit files.
All prior acknowledgements for work prior to Post-Nuke should be included.
If you feel you were not credited for any work that you did, please contact me at .

PHP-Nuke ( )was the jumping point for Post-Nuke.

=== Post-Nuke Credits ===

Please read the PHP-Nuke Credit files. All prior acknowledgements for work
prior to Post-Nuke should be included. If you feel you were not credited for
any work that you did, please contact John Cox at . Below
are the credits starting from the first bug patch ( FallOut .51 ).

PHP-Nuke ( ) was the jumping point for Post-Nuke.
-- Appears to be the author of the modules security fix.

Michael Cortez <> - ( )
-- user redirection fix for strange login problem with cookie not being set.
-- Links sub-section graphics
-- Advance FAQ

Edgar Miller ( )
-- from his post on PHP-Nuke for the module directory name hack.
( )

Joao Inacio (
-- quick fix on pollcomments.php in ReplyPreview function.
-- fixed downloads admin. Would not let you add downloads in some cases.
-- Corrections to lang_portuguese.php language file.

-- changed the modules/Stats/index.php file to use a switch/case block at the core
-- changed the modules/Stats/index.php file to use a "select count(*) from"
clause instead of mysql_num_rows for counting records

Mahmood ( )
-- Updated the Arabic Translation

Dai ( )
-- Updated the README-FIRST document for better instructions on upgrading.

Michael Bäcker (
-- Fix for German Language File on line 1036

-- error handling, error.php
-- Netscape CSS

-- Fix for advance headlines and php error call.

-- Fix for avantgo to point url to config variable.

nemo ( )
-- Modified index.php to allow $morelink to be borken down to individual components
-- Addition of no comments per story.

Andy Varganov <>
-- Fix for IE Mac display problem with search module.
-- FIX for ExtraLite theme css
-- FIX for PostNuke theme css

-- Added the functionality to view links in admin and edit from there, instead of looking up id number.

Jens (
-- AutoLink mod

-- Added changes for building the related links array in article.php - ereg replaced with stristr.

-- Added Malay Translation

Frank Besler <>
-- Updated the online manual files

Magnus Skjegstad <>
-- Alert and fix to article.php security hole.

daviesjp (
-- De-Hardcoded name of the PostNuke Theme

Hinrich <>
-- Move config to table
-- More or less fixes

Andrea M. (an_mo)
-- Added plural and singular translation to pmessages.

Fred B.
-- TimeZone Fix for .71 Rogue.
-- Theme Upgrade Guide for .71

Gösta Boström
-- New to the dev team.

The Post-Nuke developement team -- Names and Site addresses can be found on our main site ( ).

=== Post-Nuke Translation Teams Credits ===

*Italian Translation Team:
Tiraboschi Massimilano TiMax <>
Fabrizio Busca Fabrix <>
Romeo Baldinelli Cino<>
Angelo Gagliani Capretta <>

* French Translation Team:
Albert Bruc (
Philippe LEVIEZ (
Fabian Rodriguez (
AmigaPhil (
Philippe Belin (

* German Translations:
Hinrich donner (
Jan Huebener (

* Icelandic Translation:
Ingimar Robertsson <>

* Norwegian Transalation:
Roger Mauseth (Rabalder) <>

* Russian Translation Team:
Volodymyr Metenchuk
Vladimir Shundalov (

* Spanish Translation Team:
Amaya Rodrigo <>

* Swedish Translations:
Joakim Schramm (

* Thai Translations
Prateep Kulapalanont (

* Sessions Fix for 4.01 problem

* Brazilian Portuguese Team:
CVS: Mikhail Miguel <> -
Albert E. Mota de Souza <> -
Alexandre Altair de Melo <> -
Alexandre Morato <> -
Átila Cavalcante <> -
Fábio Akira Yoshida <>
Jonatas André Pabst <> -
Luciano Millnitz <> -
Marcelo Domingues <> -
Mauricio Bonani <> -
Newman <> -
Tarcila Maciel Vel Broder <> -


* PHP-Nuke
Copyright (c) 2001 by Francisco Burzi (

* Thatware
Copyright (c) 2000 by David Norman
Note: Most of the code was based initialy on Thatware, PHP-Nuke 5.0 is
practicaly a complete rewrite of the code to improve speed, performance,
security, etc.

* MandrakeSoft Inc.
Special mention to the very cool folks at MandrakeSoft, creators or Linux
Mandrake. Now they sponsor PHP-Nuke and thanks to this I can dedicate
100% to this free software project for all you. Special thanks goes to
Gael Duval (Co-Founder), Joel Flores Carpio (Community Management), Jacques
LeMarois (President) and Charles Davant (System Administrator).

* File Manager
Copyright (c) 2000 by Sune Alexandersen
Note: File Manager is based on the excelent WebExplorer script, and was
integrated into PHP-Nuke and adopted our GPL distribution model with the
author permission. You can obtain this software in separate distribution
from SuneWorld home page.

* Web Links Hacks
Copyright (c) 2000 by James Knickelbein
Journey Milwaukee (
James did a very good job hacking on my initial Web Links code and added
a lot of new and very cool features. I just take his changes and re-added
to the core code.

* FAQ Manager and Private Messages
Copyright (c) 2000 by Richard Tirtadji
Note: Richard is a very cool guy that ported phpBB to PHP-Nuke and did a very
nice job. He also is the creator of Addons Website at
So, if you want PHP-Nuke Addons you will love Richard's site.

* Download Manager
Copyright (c) 2001 by Francisco Burzi
Based on the Web Links hack
Copyright (c) 2000 by James Knickelbein
Journey Milwaukee (

* Multi Tier Admin
Based on Multi Tier Admin addon
Copyright (c) 2000 by Richard Tirtadji

* Translations
Thanks to all the people that translated PHP-Nuke, please see each
translation file for credits.

Just a few words to the people who developed PHP: Thanks folks you're the
best! PHP is easy to install, extremely easy to learn and use. Perl Sucks!

One of the best database software I've ever seen. Flexible and powerfull.
Thanks!!! for releasing it under GPL!!!

* Apache
What can I say? The best Web server software.

* Linux
This software was made thanks to my love for Linux.
Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds

This is a database library we integrated in PostNuke, done by John Slim,
good work John!

* PhPLens free debug
We use for the debug window to trace, we can trace the SQLs, time to
render, ... Done by John Lim

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Il network DiSC utilizza Envolution, un sistema di gestione di portali scritto in PHP.
Envolution Ŕ un software libero rilasciato sotto la licenza GNU/GPL